The Year in Feminist Hashtags

Commentary and Criticism Call for Papers

Issue 14.6 The Year in Feminist Hashtags
Hashtags, shared terms used to make social media posts searchable and collectible (and denoted by the # symbol that precedes them) have made an indelible mark on the popular vernacular and mainstream discourse. Hashtags specifically related to feminist causes, like #YesAllWomen, #BringBackOurGirls, and #EverydaySexism, are invoked by social media users worldwide in response to current events and discussions. At their most visible, these terms and their spread are taken up by newspapers, television, and other media outlets as stories of collective public opinion and, sometimes, further action.

For our final issue of 2014, the editors of Feminist Media Studies’ Commentary and Criticism section invite essays commenting upon arguably the most visible form of engagement with feminism this year: the feminist hashtag. Essays should choose a specific hashtag as a starting point to provide commentary and critique. We encourage authors to frame their comments so as to be accessible to non-social-media-using readers, while offering insight into the issues hashtags, hashtag discourse, and hashtag activism pose for feminists and feminist media scholars. Essays might also address broader topics such as violence against women, news coverage of gender issues, transnational activism, differences and alliances among feminist constituencies, etc. In the spirit of timely social media discourse, please keep essays brief (around 500 words is ideal).

Please submit contributions by 15 August 2014, via email to both Susan Berridge ( and Laura Portwood-Stacer (

Email submissions directly to both Susan Berridge and Laura Portwood-Stacer, as submissions for Commentary and Criticism will not be correctly processed if submitted through the main Feminist Media Studies site.

Please be sure to follow the Feminist Media Studies style guide, which can be found at the following link:

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