Futures of Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies

Commentary and Criticism Call for Papers

Issue 16.4: Futures of Intergenerational Feminist Media Studies

The editors of Feminist Media Studies’ Commentary and Criticism section invite brief essay contributions that offer innovative perspectives on the topic of intergenerational feminist media studies. This edition of Commentary & Criticism will coincide with the special 15th anniversary issue of the journal, a guest-edited collection on conflicts and connectivities across generations of feminism / feminist media studies. Submitters to this issue of Commentary and Criticism are especially encouraged to imagine what the future of an intergenerational feminist media studies might look like, and what new approaches that work might call for. In this we are keen to receive submissions that respond to the special issue editors’ question of whether an effective intergenerational feminist media studies exists and how such a thing might be invented or extended. We are particularly interested in submissions that explore the future of feminist intergenerationalism in media cultures and media studies beyond North America and the UK.

The Commentary and Criticism section of Feminist Media Studies aims to publish brief (~1000 words), timely responses to current issues in feminist media culture, for an international readership. Submissions may pose a provocation, describe work in progress, or propose areas for future study. We will also consider book and event reviews, as well as contributions that depart from traditional academic formats. We encourage all submissions to strategically mobilize critique to also offer a productive contribution to both feminist politics and media studies. Submissions must go beyond mere description in order to be considered for publication in Commentary and Criticism.

Please submit contributions by 15 February 2016, via email to both Susan Berridge (Susan.Berridge@stir.ac.uk) and Laura Portwood-Stacer (lportwoodstacer@gmail.com). Questions and expressions of interest can also be addressed to Drs. Berridge and Portwood-Stacer in advance of the deadline.

Email submissions directly to both Susan Berridge and Laura Portwood-Stacer, as submissions for Commentary and Criticism will not be correctly processed if submitted through the main Feminist Media Studies site.

Please be sure to follow the Feminist Media Studies style guide, which can be found at the following link: http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/journal.asp?issn=1468-0777&linktype=44

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