Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism

Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism is a study of how anarchists in the contemporary United States enact their political ideals in their everyday lives. In it, I explain the cultural work that goes into the production of resistant lifestyles and probe the limitations associated with this mode of activism. Individual chapters cover a range of lifestyle practices from consumption habits, to expressions of personal style and identity, to sexuality and romantic relationships. The book also delves into ongoing controversies around the figure of the “lifestyle anarchist,” bringing theories of communication, identity, and power to bear on the critiques of subcultural lifestylism that emerge both within and outside of the anarchist movement. The insights drawn from the experiences of contemporary anarchists are widely applicable, aiding in our understanding of cultural resistance in the context of neoliberalism.


Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism is published by Bloomsbury, in the Contemporary Anarchist Studies series. Paperback, e-book, and hardcover editions can now be purchased online. The is also available for free download under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license. The author is available for Skype/chat/Twitter discussions with classes or reading groups – please contact via email to set something up!

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