Theorizing the Web 2014

Today at Theorizing the Web, I’m presenting thoughts on how I approach the phenomenon of media refusal from a feminist standpoint, informed by theories of affective labor and care work. Below are links to resources for those interested in learning more!

Presentation slides

Longer, essay version of talk, with references

New Media & Society article, “Media Refusal and Conspicuous Non-Consumption”
(email me for a pdf if you don’t have institutional access)

Other writings on media refusal, in Flow

Recognition I can’t put on my CV, sadly

As I noted on Twitter last weekend, I’m torn between honor and shame at having my SCMS presentation, “Quitters, Holdouts, and Suicides: Practices of Refusal Among (Non)Consumers of Social Media,” included in a list of the 41 “best” academic titles from the conference. I have a feeling that part of what got me there was my egregious violation of Academic Coach Taylor’s no parentheses rule. Oops.