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Past Events
August 11, 2013
Society for the Study of Social Problems conference, New York, NY
Paper presentation, “Queer Sexuality as Anarchist Resistance” (panel: “(sub)Cultural Resistance and Social Change”)

August 15, 2013
US release date for Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism (pre-order on Amazon)

TBA (sometime in September)
Book launch party, somewhere in Manhattan (TBA)

September 19, 2013
Creative Activism Thursdays talk, NYU Hemispheric Institute

October 23-26, 2013
Association of Internet Researchers conference, Denver, CO
Paper presentation, “Media Refusal as Site of Struggle: The Contested Meanings of Digital Labor, Lifestyle Activism, and Opting Out of Facebook” (panel: “Navigating Media Ambivalence: Strategies of Resistance, Avoidance, and Engagement with Media Technology in Everyday Life”)
Roundtable participant, “Conceptualizing Media Resistance”

November 22, 2013
Book launch party, somewhere in Washington, D.C. (TBA)

November 24, 2013
American Studies Association conference, Washington, D.C.
Paper presentation, “The Work of Social Media Refusal: Thoughts on Labor, Productivity, and Identity among Facebook Resisters” (panel: “Identity Work and Identity Play Online”)

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